Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Committment to Quaker Faith & Values - In 250 Words or Less

RobinM at What Canst Thou Say presented a task she has been working on - "In 250 words or less, give a brief statement of your commitment to the Quaker faith and values as you understand them. I thought I would try this exercise as well.

This is actually my second version. The one I wrote last night spoke more about what I do, and didn't really talk much about values. Perhaps I have gone too far in the other direction, but I ran out of words.

"My understanding of Quaker faith is that we listen to, and follow, the will of God, corporately and individually. I try to make it to Meeting for Worship wherever I am, and to faithfully attend Meeting for Business. I try to both hold the Meeting in prayer, and listen for God's voice. Although I have dry periods, I try deepen my relationship with God in my everyday life, through prayer, meditation, and reading.

Our values spring forth from the working of Christ on our hearts. Although we consider the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit to have priority, the Bible also holds a special place as further description of Christ's teaching and the working of God on others throughout history. I try to spend time reading the Bible and various inspirational writings.

We also speak of testimonies (currently Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality) which are outward signs of the working on the Holy Spirit upon our souls. The testimonies are not an end or a goal, but an indicator of the health of our relationship with God. I try to seek God's guidance in how I should use my time.

In practicing our faith, we are led by God to minister to each other during Worship, and at other times. We may also be led to give encouragement or reproach in a loving and truthful manner. We use queries individually and corporately as a means for self-examination and improvement. I am trying to use them more often.”

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  1. Nice work.

    I think this is a very revealing exercise, a healthy discipline perhaps, but it does highlight where some people think they have too much to say and others not enough. Really none of us can capture everything we do or believe about something in 250 words.

    Like anj, I wonder what I would have written 15 years ago, and what I might write 50 years from now.