Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Friends' Library on Google Books

In a comment to a recent post, Friend Marshall Massey mentioned a 14-volume "Friends' Library" published by Orthodox Friends in the mid 1800's. Google books has now digitized all 14 volumes, and thanks to the services of Public Domain Reprints, you can order your own copies. I will update this page more volumes are available for printing.

volume 1Buy it at
volume 2Buy it at
volume 3Buy it at
volume 4Buy it at
volume 5Buy it at
volume 6Buy it at
volume 7Buy it at
volume 8Buy it at
volume 9Buy it at
volume 10
volume 11
volume 12
volume 13
volume 14Buy it at

Also, Marshall quoted from a book entitled "The Life and Travels of John Pemberton, a minister of the Gospel of Christ". Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a copy of that book, but the passage Marshall quoted is also available in Memorials Concerning Deceased Friends.

All of these are available for download as PDFs.

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  1. Volume 14 has now been digitised